ARY News

Ary channel came into existence on 26 September 2004 gradually moving towards popularity and and generating attraction of viewers. Ary news channel is the Dubai based channel. Ary news is the part of Ary Digital channel which is the subsidiary of ARY group.Ary group is operated or owned by well known businessman MR Abdur Razaak.

Ary news channel is also a part of Ary group as well. Ary news telecast live programs regarding political scenerio,law & order of the country, economical circumstances or any mishaps or incidents in Pakistan. The workers who work for Ary news without any care of their lives are doing great efforts to provide services to the people in order to aware them about the current situation regarding terrorism, bomb blast and other unconstitutional activities. The most favorable programs of Ary news is the political shows which is based on the solution of political parties conflict and the prosperity of the country’s issues where political representative by their recommendations and demonstration try to take out the best solutions.