PTV Home

PTV CHANNEL of Pakistan was established in 1961 on the time of president Mr. Ayub Khan. Mr Wajid ali who was known as an important and powerful person in media industry appointed Mr Obaidur Rahman from Pakistan broad casting co-operation as a project director and after its great efforts Ptv channel came into existence. The head quarter of television industry was established in Islamabad in 1963.
PTV CHANNEL broadcast black & white transmission at the initial stage which subsequently change in to color transmission on 18 February 1982.This channel is known as a backbone of Pakistan through which Pakistan is recognized in all over the world .We can realize its actual worthiness by its great programs which was telecasted In 70s 80sand 90s times.
PTV CHANNEL has split into different categories in which PTV HOME came into existence as an entertainment channel of Pakistan.The most latest fabulous dramas of PTV HOME are Naqaab,Kami reh gai,lagay na jea and other are going well.