Ishq-e-Memnu Last Episode 165

Ishq-e-Memnu Last Episode 165 on Urdu 1.

In Last Episode of Ishq-e-Memnu. Bashir told Mr Adnan about affair between Behlül and Bihter. Nihal’s world comes crashing down on her wedding day and Bihter will commit a suicide.

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  1. pOnG!

    Dec 23. 2012

    :(((((((( ;'((((((((((

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  2. Easha

    Apr 03. 2013

    i love you ishq-e-memnu!!!!
    cant stop to see u

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  3. raniaeman

    Apr 16. 2013

    i love ishqe memun

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  4. sana

    Apr 23. 2013

    very very nice ishqe mamnu …

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  5. tehreem

    Apr 23. 2013

    such a heart touching drama love it :(

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